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Welcome to Spring Spa

Welcome to Spring spa in Race Course, Coimbatore, a natural destination for relaxation, healing and wellness. Our therapists are expert healers with the freedom to customize genuine therapeutic services specifically for you. Emphasizing the sensual textures and exotic scents of Aroma oils, you are transported to a space of pure tranquility and limitless well-being

Breathe in and let go - maintaining health involves balance of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Let our holistic healers help restore emotional equilibrium, calm stressed and over active minds and banish burnout using a range of restorative treatments, from music therapy and mindfulness to meditation and healing massage. Thus Spring Spa is recognized as a renowned Massage Center in Racecourse, Coimbatore.

massage centre in race course

PLEASE NOTE: Therapies are done purely for relaxation purposes and are not meant to treat any ailments.